AP United States History

  • AP United States History
    Syllabus and Standards
    For information regarding Ms. Whitebird's expectations within AP United States History, as well as the year-long outline for the course, please visit the 17-18 APUSH Syllabus.  Please also visit the integrity contract which students and parents signed at the beginning of the school year.
    This course has college caliber expectations and is taught in direct correlation to the standards put into place by the College Board.  The College Board oversees all Advanced Placement courses.  For additional information, please visit the College Board's AP United States History webpage.  Additionally, this course meets and exceeds the standards of the Oklahoma Department of Education as by the Oklahoma C3 Standards for Social Studies.  
    While APUSH is a very intensive course, success in each the class and the exam comes primarily from hard work and dedication; innate intelligence, or "smarts", are not the key ingredients.  Students from a wide variety of education backgrounds have found success in the course because they set goals and worked hard to achieve them.