• How to get along in my class


    I believe strongly in allowing you as much freedom as you can handle. However, along with freedom comes responsibility, and I expect you to be responsible for yourself. My class rules are simple, and based on societal conventions:


    I.                     Respect yourself and your education

    A.      Be in class on time

    B.     Have materials

    1.      Book(s)

    2.      Pen/pencil

    3.      3-ring binder with blank loose-leaf paper

    4.      Homework (if applicable)

    C.     Pay attention, take notes, respond to questions, ask a few. (Participate!)

    II.                   Respect other students and their education

    A.      No distractions

    1.      Talking out of turn

    2.      Rude behavior

    3.      Cell phones, iPods, PSPs, yada yada yada…

    4.      Food/drinks (bottled water OK)

    5.      Inappropriate dress

    B.     Participate!

    III.                  Respect me

    A.      Raise hand to ask a question or to comment

    B.     No hall passes during class discussion, first ten minutes of class, or last ten minutes of class

    C.     Participate!


    Notice the common element? Participate! Learning is interactive, not passive. It is a process, a journey, not a destination. You will learn more and retain it better when you involve yourself, when you engage your senses. No one can make you learn but you; if you want to sit in the back of the room, glassy-eyed and drooling and completely uninvolved, that is your choice. Heck of a way to waste your time and spend a school year, though. Since we’re all here together for the next nine months, we might as well have fun, so make this year count!


    Everything we do results in a consequence. If you follow these guidelines and put some honest effort into your studies, positive consequences will result: better grades, higher self-esteem, closer relationships with others in the class, and true learning. If you choose not to comply with these behavioral guidelines, negative consequences will result. If I can’t reason with you, I will begin a formal, step-based consequence system with you:


    1. Verbal warning
    2. Verbal warning and contact parent/ guardian
    3. Contact parent/guardian plus twenty minutes detention before or after school.
    4. Office referral for this and each subsequent offense during the semester.