• Classroom Expectation Information
    Rules to Succeed
    I have three basic rules that I require in my classroom. If you can follow these it is highly probable that you will complete this class successfully and you and I will get along well. They are:
    1.  Come to class with an attitude of I'll try! Regardless of what we are doing or what you personally think about it, give it your best effort. I can't promise you'll love everything we do, but if you follow this rule it is virtually impossible for you to be academically unsuccessful this year.
    2.  Verbally and physically respect the teacher and one another. An attitude of respect will be an ongoing atmosphere in this room all year. Everyone attending class has a right to learn and feel safe. They have a right to share their opinions and a responsibility to listen to other's ideas in a respectful manner. It is my sincerest hope that we can engage in meaningful discussions on the ideas and concepts we will encounter while discovering British and World Literature this year.
    3.  Clean up after yourselves. Nothing sends a stronger statement about a person's character then how they treat other people's property. If you bring something into class or make a mess in the room; make sure you clean it up or it leaves with you when you go.
    Additional notes:
    - Items needed in class everyday:
    * Paper
    * Pencil and Pen
    * English Binder and Journal (Composition Type)
    * Reading Book (for Silent Sustained Reading days as well as something to read while you wait for others to finish on any given day)
    * Agenda
    * ID (Worn around the neck and clearly visible)
    * Any other required items will be announced in class before they are needed
    - You are responsible for all reading assignments and work you miss while you are absent. It is your responsibility to ask for that work the day you return from an absence and to remember to turn it in on its due date. Before or after school is the best time to ask for make-up work. I will try to accommodate in-class requests, but my teaching duties come first and if I'm preparing for my next class I may not be able to help.
    - Be on time! Two tardies make an absence. After five minutes you are absent!
    - I'm happy to argue after school by appointment. I will not engage in an argument during class time. If you feel that something I've said or done is unfair, make arrangements to talk to me after school. I'm not perfect! I'm more than willing to discuss any issues and if legitimate look for a mutually agreeable solution.
    - Late Work Policy
      - 1 day late - 10% off
      - 2 days late - 20% off
      - 3-7 days late - 30% off
      - After 7 days - results in a zero