• ME! Lessons for teaching Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy
    A program offered through the University of Oklahoma Zarrow Center
    My English class will work through the program, but this is a great resource for parents!!!
    A downloadable lesson package that consists of 10 units and 23 lessons. The purpose of the lessons is to teach critical transition knowledge and skills to high school students with disabilities. Recent research demonstrated the effectiveness of ME! to teach high school students with IEPs valuable transition skills.

    The units include: Getting Started, Learning About Special Education, Understanding My Individualized Education Program, Understanding My Rights and Responsibilities, Improving My Communication Skills, Increasing My Self-Awareness, Advocating For My Needs in High School, Advocating For My Needs After High School, Developing My Resources, Assessing My Progress & Portfolio

    Each unit is aligned with the Oklahoma PASS objectives and includes detailed step-by-step lesson plans, pencil-paper activities, and discussion and group activities. Students each develop a personalized portfolio as they complete the lessons.

    Go to the OU Zarrow Center Website (http://education.ou.edu/zarrow/ ) and click on Transition Education Materials or click the link below.