• Classroom Conduct:

    1.    Be in YOUR assigned seat, ready to work, when the bell rings.  The teacher, not the bell dismisses students from class.

    2.    Do not disturb others who are trying to learn.

    3.    Do not do other work during my class.

    4.    Ask questions if you are confused or if what I said did not make sense.

    5.    Be prepared to work everyday.  Bring your book, paper and a pencil to class each day.



    1.    Warning.

    2.    Student/Teacher Conference.

    3.    Detention.

    4.    Parent/Teacher Conference.

    5.    Referral.


    Tardy Policy:

    1st tardy:    Warning.

    2nd tardy:   Warning.

    3rd tardy:    Detentions and parent contact.

    4th tardy:    Detentions and parent contact.

    5th +tardy:  Referral to Principal

     ** Any missed detentions will be doubled; if either of those is missed then a referral will be sent to your grade office.