Course Outline:  Pre-AP Algebra 2


    I.                 We will continue the algebraic processes begun in Algebra I.  

    II.            We will integrate into the curriculum appropriate technology.

    III.       We will apply the “rule of four” throughout the curriculum to help prepare students for AP Calculus. 

    IV.           We will take an in-depth look at the topics listed below. 

    V.                We will learn to use technology such as the TI-83 or TI-84 Calculators

     The curriculum will include:

    v    Solving equations and inequalities

    v    Graphing

    v    Functions

    v    Powers and roots

    v    Logarithms

    v    Complex numbers

    v    Polynomials

    v    Quadratic relations

    v    Sequences and series

    v    Probability and statistics




                Assignments will be given over each section and will usually be due on Friday of each week. A quiz covering that week’s assignments will be given and collected with the assignments. If you are absent on the day of the quiz for any reason, you will take a makeup quiz and turn in all assignments on the next school day.  These grades will determine your daily grade and will make up 40% of your grade.  Your tests will make up 40% of your grade.  The last 20% of your semester grade will come from your Semester exam


                Your grade will be calculated as follows:

                            Homework and quizzes           40%

                            Tests                                        40%

                            Semester Exam                        20%