• Biology & Anatomy

    Mrs. Kuchynka 





    Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

    Materials Needed in class everyday:   Paper (for assignments)          

      Folder: (to keep class notes and assignments)

                                    Pencil with eraser

                                              Pen (any bright color)

                                              SHS Agenda (for hall pass, planner, etc.)

                                              SHS I.D.


    Classroom procedures:

    • Always sit in your assigned seat unless otherwise instructed.
    • Start your daily bell work/journal when the bell rings.
    • You may use the restroom 3 times per semester with SHS Agenda as your hall pass.
    • Respect yourself and others (keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself/refrain from vulgar, offensive language)
    • Extra points will be given when classroom procedures and rules are followed.  The total of your extra points will be assigned to your final grade at the end of each semester.


    Classwork and homework:

    • Write the assignment in your bell work folder.
    • You will need a folder to keep class notes/handouts and assignments.
    • Papers must have proper heading (Name/date/hour/pg # or assignment) No name papers will be trash.
    • NO late work will be accepted.
    • If you receive a grade below 70% you will redo the assignment.



    • The Southmoore High School attendance policy WILL be followed in this classroom.  2 tardies=1 absence.
    • When absent, it is the students responsibility to get the make-up work and get it turned in on time.
    • Check the weekly assignments board the day you get back and write all missed assignments in your own agenda. 
    • Pick up any worksheets from the make-up work folder.
    • All papers must have a full heading.  Add the word ABSENT at the top of all make-up work.  Turn completed make-up work into the basket labeled COMPLETED MAKE-UP WORK.