• English III

    Mrs. Lehew


    1.     Be prepared.

    You will be expected to purchase a folder/binder (with paper), pens, and pencils.  These materials must be brought with you DAILY.  You will be notified if you need to bring any other materials to class (workbooks, textbooks, etc.).  Make sure you have homework assignments ready to turn in on the due date.  Part of being successful is being prepared!


    2.     Be on time (in the classroom) when the tardy bell rings.

    You will be given a short assignment at the beginning of class to complete.  You will only have a few minutes to do this, and they will be checked periodically to make sure you are completing them.  Remember, the bell is your signal to sit down and begin your assignment.  I should not have to remind you of this.  Part of being successful is being prompt!


    3.     Be respectful—follow the rules.

    First of all, have respect for yourself.  You have successfully made it through 11 years of school, and this year will be no different!  Secondly, have respect for me—don’t be argumentative, disrespectful, or disruptive.  Thirdly, have respect for your classmates—everyone deserves a positive atmosphere for success.

    Some rules to follow:  Talk only when appropriate, stay in your assigned seat, bring your supplies, no food/drink in class, no cell phones in class, no sleeping, and no cheating.  Part of being successful is being respectful.


                Failure to follow the rules will result in the following disciplinary steps:

                --Step 1—verbal warning

                --Step 2—student/teacher conference

                --Step 3—parent contact

                --Step 4-detention

                --Step 5—referral to principal

                Severe disciplinary infractions will result in an immediate referral to the office.