• Class Syllabus

    Business & Software App I

    Mr. Lingo

    Classroom rules:

    1.     Do what’s right

    2.     Do the best you can

    3.     Respect your SCHOOL, TEACHER, & OTHER STUDENTS


    Textbook, paper, and a pen or pencil

    Grading scale:

    90-100                     A

    80-89                       B

    70-79                       C

    60-69                       D

    0-59                         F  

    Important information:

    o   You are responsible for all of the information in your Student  Handbook.

    o   Tardy Policy

    o   Be on time and have your supplies.

    o   Cell phones will not be seen or heard.

    o   Audio/Video devices (ipods, CD players, etc.) are not allowed.

    o   If you MUST use the restroom, you will have to have an AGENDA and STUDENT ID. No other hall passes will be granted.

    o   If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask about the missed assignment.

    o   Missed assignments need to be made it up in the appropriate time.

    o   All assignments are considered “individual effort” unless otherwise stated. Cheating will not be tolerated.

    o   You earn respect by giving it to others.

    o   This course is required/not required for graduation. Everyone can pass this class even if the very least you do is give effort from bell to bell.

    o   No food or drinks in the lab.  Bottles with lids are permitted.