• Do Your Homework Tina! tina
    1.  Be respectful to your teacher, your classmates and yourself.
    2.  Come to class on time and prepared to learn.
    3.  Do not do anything to disrupt the classroom learning environment.
    4.  Keep YOUR  school very clean.
    1.  Pen or pencil.  Also, keep a red pen with you.
    2.  Notebook/paper
    3.  Colored pencils.  They can be left in the classroom.
    4.  A box of tissues
    Classroom Procedures:
    1.  Please do your best to not be absent from school.
    2.  Check with the teacher for your make-up work.
    3.  An assignment that is one day late is reduced by 25%.  There is no credit for work that is more than one day late.  This is the policy of all Social Studies classes.
    Semester Grade Calculations:
    80%-Daily work
    15%-Semester Test
     5%-9-Weeks Test
    Important Information:
    1.  You are responsible for all of the information in your Student Handbook.
    2.  IMPORTANT: Cell phones and all other electronic devices are not to be seen/heard or used in this class.  This includes covert texting operations in which you assume I do not know what you are doing.  PLEASE do not make me take your stuff.  It wastes time for both of us.
    3.  Please do not make a habit of asking to leave class.  Take care of your business on your own time.
    4.  Do not cheat!  It is a character flaw and it will not serve you well in life.
                      Bow To Your Sen-Sei!