• Students should come to class prepared to work.  Bring scientific calculator, paper, pencil and a folder everyday to class.  Students will be most successful if they turn in assignments when they are due.  If a lab is missed, students have 2 class days to make them up, after which time they have 3 additional class days to complete a 2 page handwritten paper.  Please make arrangements with me as to the topic of the paper.  As all tests are announced at least 2 class days in advance, students will be given only 3 days to make up a missing test grade. There are NO res-test.  Late work may be accepted for half credit.  No late credit will be accepted once the test has been graded and returned.  
    Assignments consist of a variety of work.
     Bell Ringer Activities
     Book Assignments
     Lab Activities
    Bell Ringer Activities, when assigned, are approximately a 10 minute activity at the start of the class period worth 100 points each week. These may NOT be turned in late.
    Book Assignments will be assigned 1-2 times each week and will count for 100 points.  These may include vocabulary assignments as well as other book work. These assignments may be turned in late for half credit.
    Lab Activities and Quizzes are a form of  in class work and will count as 100 points each.
    Tests will all be announced with at least 2 days notice.  A test will count as 100 points. If a test is missed due to illness a student has a maximum of 3 days to make up the test.