Rick Petticrew

    Southmoore Spanish I


    Spanish I Course Description and Syllabus


    Spanish I:  The goals of this course are to provide a solid base of communication skills and grammatical knowledge in the Spanish language, to explore the distinct cultures of the many Spanish-speaking countries, and to spark an interest in the students to continue studying the Spanish language.  The adopted textbook is Realidades, Pearson Prentice Hall.

    In class the students will read, write, speak and hear Spanish spoken by the teacher and by examples from native speakers and writers.

    Required Materials

    ·         Textbook, folder/notebook, paper, pen/pencil, homework, SHS agenda, SHS ID

    Recommended materials:

    ·         Spanish – English Dictionary

    (Classroom has dictionaries that can be used at appropriate times, but they cannot be checked out for home)

    Notebook should include:

    1. Class notes and class work

    2. Chapter Vocabulary

    3. Hand-outs, compositions and worksheets

    (The notebook must be brought to class daily)


    Grading is broken down as followed:


    Tests are given at the end of every chapter. 


    We will have at least 1 vocabulary and 1 grammar quiz each chapter.

                Homework/Daily Work/Participation……….…………..…30%

    (Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Writing and                   Speaking)

    There will be anywhere from 1-5 homework assignments a week. Unless specified they are due the day after being assigned.  There will be some time to work on assignments in class.

    Participation is a MUST!!!!        


                Semester Test (Cumulative)………………….……………..10%


    Late work will be accepted the day after assignment is due.  The penalty is ½ off final grade. 

    Tutoring: I will be available to tutor any student or group of students from 7:55 until 8:10 a.m. before school every day, and from 3:11 until 3:30 p.m. after school. Pre-arranging all tutoring is more reliable than walk-ins. To receive tutoring the student must bring all relevant Spanish class materials to the tutoring session – notebook, workbook, worksheet, textbook, etc

    Cheating is defined as using someone else's work for your own. Zero tolerance. I will not catch everyone but woe to the student I do catch. A student who lends his work to another student will also receive the same penalty: including but not limited to confiscated work, zero grade, referral to appropriate grade principal, and conference with parents.

    Cellular phones are to be turned off and out of site!! NO TOLERANCE!!

    Technology: Students are not to use computer “translation services” or electronic translators to complete assignments.

    Parent conferences: I will be happy to conference with any parent or guardian at any time we can mutually agree upon by phone or in person. I encourage you to contact me through email at: rickpetticrew

    Website: For helpful links related to the textbook and other useful information go to www.mooreschools.com Select Southmoore for the school / Click on Staff / Click on Petticrew, Rick

    Extra Credit: There are two extra credit options.  The extra credit is a good idea for students who are in need of no more than one or one and a half points added to their current average.  The food option will only be accepted at the end of the first semester. 


    • The student may bring an authentic Hispanic dish for the class to sample on a specified day.  The day will usually fall at the end of the semester.  The dish must be homemade, and the recipe must be pre-approved by the teacher.  The student must bring all dishes and utensils needed by the class to serve and consume the dish.


    • The student may type in English a three-page, double-spaced report about Hispanic culture using 12 point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins.  The theme of the report must be pre-approved by the teacher, and the student must include a works cited page of at least three sources. 



    *   Arrive to class on time and be prepared with all required materials.

    *   Use polite speech and body language.

    *   Listen to others and participate in class discussions.

    *   Do your assignments.

    *   Follow directions and instructions immediately.

    *   Respect yourself, respect all people and respect all property at all times.

    *   Always do your best, be your best and take pride in all you do.


      Failure to follow the rules will result in the following disciplinary steps:

                --Step 1—verbal warning

                --Step 2—student/teacher conference

                --Step 3—parent contact

                --Step 4—detention

                --Step 5—referral to principal

                Severe disciplinary infractions will result in an immediate referral to the office.

    Grade Scale:


                90%-100% = A

                80%-89 = B

                70-79% = C

                60-69%= D

                59% and below = F