• Class of 2021 Diplomas & Grade Pick-Up
    Diplomas and Report Cards will be available at the Southmoore Main Office beginning June 11, 2021
    Only the Senior or his/her parents may pick up the diploma.  All fines, charges, and obligations must have been paid before the diploma will be awarded.  You will recieve one (1) copy of your Transcript when you pick up your diploma.  If you need extra Transcripts, go to bit.ly/shstrans and follow the instructions.
    If you cannot come on diploma pick up day, you will need to contact Vicki Welch (email here) or call her at 405-735-4988.
    The Southmoore Main Office is open Mon. - Thurs. from 8 - 11:30 & 1 - 2:30 and on Fri. from 8 - 11:30.