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    MPS Teacher Website Guidelines
    Revised November 2018

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    Moore Public Schools’ Teacher Websites exist to provide an additional avenue of communication between home and school. In the development of Web pages, we need to consider the safety of our students. We also need to set examples for our students by demonstrating the proper use of copyrighted material.  If a teacher chooses to maintain a school website, it must contain relevant content (including plan time, etc.) and cannot blank pages or outdated links -- otherwise it may be deactivated involuntarily.  If you choose not to keep up a website, please notify your site Principal and Webmaster so that your site can be deactivated.  Please follow these guidelines for teacher Websites: 

    1. Do not post any student last names.
    2. Do not identify any student by name when posting photos.
    3. **Obtain a signed release form for parental/guardian permission before posting student photos online. (Included in Student Handbook) Wherever student photos are posted, there must be a statement at the bottom of the page that states: Photos on this page are posted with permission.  If you would like to request that a picture on this page be removed, please click here.   (Provide a link to your email address.)
    4. **Obtain signed release form from the parent/guardian and the student when posting student-produced work. (Included in Student Handbook) This includes, but is not limited to: poems, essays, stories, visual arts, etc. (Intellectual rights belong to the student who created it, and you must obtain permission to post it online.) Wherever student work is posted, there must be a statement at the bottom of the page that states: Student works on this page are posted with permission.  If you would like to request that any poem, (essay, photo of artwork, etc.) on this page be removed, please click here.  (Provide a link to your email address.) If you cannot obtain permission to works you currently have posted online, remove them immediately.
    5. Do not use any clipart, photos, or text, or any other item on your site to which you do not have the right to use legally. With respect to copyright laws*, carefully read and abide by the Terms of Use when copying items from other WebsitesIf the Terms of Use require that you link back to their site, do not copy from that site. 
    6. Do not provide a link to any commercial sites.  This includes, but is not limited to: clipart sites, game sites, and any other sites that are set up for business or financial gain.  (Links to adopted textbook publishers is acceptable if resources are available to students at these sites.)
    7. Do not provide a link to political or religious sites.
    8. All links to outside Websites should be for educational benefit and directly related to your curriculum and educational objectives.
    9. Do not link to any personal Websites:  This includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Instagram, or any other personal networking sites.
    10. Do not post a list of tutors online.  This includes, but is not limited to, academic tutors or private lesson tutors in vocal or instrumental music. Teachers who offer their tutoring services for fee must not advertise on their MPS Websites.
    11. Do not post music (wav, midi, or mp3 or any other music files) on any homepage. Music may be posted on other pages but you must legally have the right to use it.*
    12. Do not use guestbooks or hit counters that link to commercial sites.
    13. Teacher Bio Page: You may post biographical information that is work related:  professional credentials, areas of certification, work history, degrees confirmed, etc.  You can include travel that is work-related, but not personal. Do not include personal information. Do not post information that includes, but is not limited to: information about your family, childhood, or personal activities. Do not post photos of your family members.
    14. Do not post private information about yourself.  This includes, but is not limited to: home email address, phone number, mailing address, family photos, or individual pictures taken out of the work environment.  Individual pictures taken in the work environment are acceptable.  Pictures of groups of teachers are acceptable.
    15. Do not post any passwords.  This includes, but is not limited to EBSCO, SIRS, Worldbook, Study Island, etc. Links to these sites can be posted, but passwords are prohibited.
    16. Do not share your password to your Website with anyone, and do not allow students or patrons to edit your Website.  Sign out of the Website when leaving your computer unattended.
    17. Please remember parents/guardians/students are afforded an opportunity to opt out of military recruitment under No Child Left Behind; therefore, do not provide links to military recruitment sites.


    Moore Public Schools" Teachers who have questions about these guidelines should contact their principal or their school's designated Webmaster."


    *Refer to these sites for information about Copyright Laws:

    Copyright and Fair Use

    Ultimate Guide to Copyright