• Fine Motor Skill Development
       These are simple activities to help your child develop stronger hand-eye coordination and hand muscles.  Those skills are important to proper pencil grip, writing, coloring, and cutting.  Please try to do at least 1 or 2 of the activities each week.  Of course, please encourage your child to write, color, and cut as much as possible. 
    • Play with Legos or Duplos.
    • Use store bought or homemade lacing cards.   
    • Practice lacing shoes.
    • Make a craft with Perler Beads.  You can find them at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.
    • Squeeze a squishy ball or play dough.  Model Magic is a good alternative to play dough. 
    • Play catch with a small or medium ball.  Throw it to their dominate side first, then switch to non-dominate side
    • Practice buttoning, zipping, snapping, etc. clothes or jackets.
    • Cut up junk mail.  Let your child be your shredder.  Teach them to cut small snips (strips).
    • Cut play dough.
    • Roll play dough into snakes.  Spell name, make letters, or make numbers with the "snakes."
    • Color with small crayons--broken crayons.  Write with golf pencils.