Oklahoma Sequoyah Book List

  • Students in 3rd through 6th grade who have read or have been read to and AR tested on three or more books from the Sequoyah Children’s Masterlist are eligible to vote for a favorite at the end of March (2022).  Fifth and sixth grade students that read and AR test on 6 of the nominated books will attend a Sequoyah Celebration in May. Third and fourth graders that read and test on 5 of the nominated books will qualify for the May celebration as well.  Sixth grade is also eligible to vote on the Intermediate list if they have read books from that list. The books have been selected by librarians from all over Oklahoma, but it's the children of Oklahoma that select the final winner. The authors are very honored to be nominated each year.
    Click on one of the links below for a master list of the 2022 nominated books. 
    Childrens 3rd-5th gr. List: 2022 Childrens Sequoyah Masterlist
    Intermediate 6th-8th gr. List: 2022 Intermediate Sequoyah Masterlist