Counselor's Message

  • The mission of a Moore School Counselor is to provide a comprehensive developmental program addressing academic, career, and personal/social development of all students.  We strive to maximize student potential through a collaborative relationship with family, community, and school.   Our counseling program will:

    • Foster the development of a positive self-esteem and promote development of personal and social skills.

    • Support students in achieving specific goals.

    • Promote the relevance of school work in relation to future endeavors.

    • Be actively involved in the prevention of violent behaviors.

    • Educate students about the dangers of substance abuse and potential dangers of addictive behaviors.

    • Prepare students to face future challenges in a global society.


    I have 20 years of experience in education.  9 years as an elementary teacher and 11 years as an elementary counselor.  My goals are to educate students to find the best version of themselves and take true pride in their accomplishments.  We are all leaders with strengths and skills that should be shared with others to make a positive change in the world.  I am proud to be an Oakridge Sabercub.  This will be an amazing year!