Homework and Helpful Hints


    Please read 20 minutes each night with your child. Take turns reading aloud. This will enhance their fluency and give them confidence in a whole class setting.


    Please help your child with their spelling nightly. It is common for children to memorize for a test and then forget how to spell words later as they write a sentence or story. Allow them to try different activities until they find the one that fits their interest. A high interest in learning promotes retention of the words. Even if the activity takes more time, it is worth it in the end.Some examples might be finding the words in a magazine, writing the words with markers, and unscrambling the words.


    We will be working on math facts. The level of knowledge of math facts are the basis of going forward with new concepts. We will eventually be testing daily. Please work at home with flash cards or have your child help you make up problems. Start with zeros (0 + 0, 0 + 1) and progress forward. They will love to do this with you. You can even use this as a game in the car, or in your favorite diner. 
    Adding double or more digits takes time for many children. Because we learn how to read from left to right, this adding skill is backwards. Adding double or more digits has us starting in the "ones" column, which goes from right to left. (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.) We start with no regrouping, and work into regrouping. A new concept to most is counting by 10's, 20's, etc., and having a remainder. This is another way of learning to add and must be incorporated due to the curriculum tiering in each grade from here on.