• Miss G's Reading Strategies
    Does your child hate to read? Does your child struggle during reading? Here are some helpful hints to help your child be a successful reader and to learn to love reading!!
    1. Tell your child to look at the picture. You may tell your child the word is something that can be seen in the picture.
    2. Tell your child to look for chunks in the word, such as it in sit, at in mat, or ing in standing.
    3.If your child has trouble understanding a word in the story,  ask them to go on and read to the end of the sentence. Often by reading the other words in context, the child can figure out the unknown word.
    4. If your child says the wrong word while reading, ask questions like:
                          Does it make sense?
                          Does it sound right?
                          Does it look right?
    5. If your child has trouble remembering what he/she has read, try having them draw a picture summarizing the chapter.
    6. If your child needs motivation to read, try getting them interested in a series book. Chances are, if they like one book in the series, they will like all of the books in the  series. Some excellent series books that your child could try are:
    *Junie B. Jones By: Barbara Park                                          2nd-3rd grade levels
    *Amber Brown By: Paula Danziger                                      2nd-3rd grade levels
    *Arthur  By: Marc Brown                                                                3rd grade level
    *Magic Tree House  By: Mary Pope Osborne               3rd grade level
    *A to Z Mysteries  By: Ron Roy                                                   3rd grade level
    *Cam Jansen  By: David Adler                                                   3rd grade level
    *Shredderman  By: Wendelin Van Draanen                3rd grade level
    *Mallory By: Laurie Friedman                                                  3rd-4th grade levels
    *Ramona By: Beverly Cleary                                                     3rd-5th grade levels
    *Dripping Fang By: Dan Greenburg                                     4th-5th grade levels
    *Gregor the Overlander By: Suzanne Collins              4th-5th grade levels