• Procedures for 5th Grade
    DISCIPLINE: Empowering students to self-manage through training is essential to the climate of respect in the classroom.  Students who are responsible, self-motivated, and self-managed cause very few problems and contribute greatly to the well-ordered classroom.  Every homeroom class in 5th grade has a discipline book which travels with the class to other teachers.  When students misbehave or are not demonstrating responsible behavior they will receive a verbal warning and then the next misbehavior will result in a mark in the book.  If the student receives two behavior marks in one school day they will have after school detention the following day.  On the day the child earns the detention they will be sent home with a detention permission slip that the parent must sign. The form will need to be returned the next day with the student. Detention will be held after school Monday-Friday. Detention will be from 3:45 until 4:15.  During detention students must be working on schoolwork or reading an AR book.  We hope this approach will deter inappropriate behaviors at school and allow the student to focus more on their academics. We will be emphasizing classroom procedures in the first few weeks of school so your child will be clear about what our expectations are in the 5th grade.

    ENTERING THE CLASSROOM:  Students are never allowed to enter the classroom unless a teacher or other authority figure has instructed them to do so.  Upon entering, students should stand silently behind their chair until they are asked to be seated.

    WALKING DOWN THE HALLWAY: All students walk down the hallway on the first tile from the wall. When walking as a class, the line leader will stop at each designated stopping point and wait for the teacher to ask them to continue. There is to be no talking in the hallway.

    RESTROOM BREAKS:  No more than four students are allowed in the restroom at a time. No horseplay will be tolerated and talking is not allowed. We try to take two group restroom breaks.  One break will be in the morning and one in the afternoon. Students are allowed to go to the restroom from class as needed when they are working on an assignment, but not while the teacher is teaching.

    ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments are generally due the day after they are assigned. Students are to make sure they have the proper heading on their assignments before turning them in.  Daily assignments not turned in when collected by the teacher will be considered late.

     ABSENT/LATE WORK:  If a student is absent, they will have the same number of days absent to complete their work. It is the student's responsibility to write ABSENT on their paper or it may be considered late. Late daily assignments are automatically 50% off the grade earned. Assignments due during the first five weeks of the quarter cannot be turned in after progress reports are sent home. Any work assigned after that date must be turned in prior to the end of the quarter.

    REDO PAPERS: Assignments below 70% may be redone for a higher grade with the exception of a late assignment and quizzes or tests. Redo papers must be done on a separate sheet of paper, stapled to the original paper, and returned in a timely manner. The original grade and the new grade will be averaged together for a final grade.

    AGENDA: Every student will be required to have an agenda and it must be signed by a parent or guardian every evening. Each teacher posts their agenda for the day and students are given time in class to copy. If your student does not have their agenda filled out and signed it will be recorded in the discipline book.

    CELL PHONES: Phones are to be turned off and stored in the student's backpack for the day.  They will be allowed to turn them on when they are dismissed at the end of the day. If this procedure is not followed, the first time the student will be reminded of the procedure.  The next time the teacher will take the phone to the principal and she will keep it for the day. The second time a phone is sent to the principal, the parent or guardian will be required to pick the phone up during normal school hours.

    STUDY HALL: We offer a study hall at the end of the day for the students to work on homework, silent read, take AR tests, copy their agenda, go to the library, and visit with other teachers.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Should a student choose to work on an assignment from a different class when the current teacher is instructing or when they should be working on an assignment for the current class, that assignment will be removed from their possession and discarded.  However, students will be allowed to work on other class’s assignments or read an AR book when the current class assignment and teaching has been completed.