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    4th Grade Rules and Procedures
    1. The Class Rules for every classroom:
    1. Have all appropriate supplies at your desk, ready to begin work when class begins.
    2. Do not talk without permission, or disturb the students who are still working.
    3. Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    4. Follow directions given by all adults.
    5. Do not argue or be disrespectful


    1. List below are the usual consequences for the infraction of the above class rules:
    1. Warning: Student’s name will be recorded in the behavior book
    2. 1 Check: Student will sit miss half of their recess
    3. 2 Checks: Student will miss their entire recess
    4. 3 Checks: Teacher will contact parent by means of an email, letter, or phone call, and student will miss entire recess
    5. 4 Checks: Student and teacher will see principal


    1. Homework Guidelines:
    1. All homework is to be finished and turned in by 9:00 a.m.
    2. If an assignment is turned in one day late, 15 points will be deducted from the score; 2 days late, 30 points will be deducted from the score; more than 2 days late a zero will be recorded.  Recess will be missed for all missing assignments.
    3. If your child scores less than a 60% on an assignment (This does not include tests) he/she may correct it and get an average of the two grades.
    4. If your child has an excused absence, he/she will have the same amount of days to make it up, as the duration of the absence.
    5. No name papers will be deducted 10 points.