Classroom Expectations 


    Be respectful: Respect yourself, your teacher, your classmates, and your school. This includes coming to class on time, listening when other people are speaking, being honest (no cheating/plagiarism), and taking care of property (yours, mine, your classmates', and the school's). Understand that I have zero tolerance for prejudice, physical contact/violence, or other cruel behavior. 

    This year, let's emphasize respect of personal space. #SocialDistancing #NotFun #LongDistanceMomHugsOnly


    Be prepared: Come to class with assignments/reading completed and with the supplies needed. It is frustrating when you cannot pull your own weight in activities and discussions because you are not doing your reading and assignments, and it is distracting when you continually interrupt class to ask to borrow paper and pen. 



    Be curious: You will not have all the answers and neither will I. Learning does not mean knowing all the answers; it means being willing to keep asking questions. Take risks and make meaning. 
    My favorite questions to ask are "Why?" "Why not?" and "So what?" Expect to hear them frequently and know that I am NOT being sarcastic. I want you to extend your meanings beyond the obvious, into the "why," "why not," and "so what."


    Be on time: It is plain rude to repeatedly be tardy. It interrupts what everyone is doing and it is distracting. If you are not in your seat when the bell rings, you are tardy. Remember: Two tardies make an absence. When you collect more than ten and a half absences (10.5) that are for unknown/unexcused reasons, you cannot recieve credit for the course, even if you have earned an A.


    Discipline Plan

    1st Offense:  Warning (verbal or written)

    2nd Offense:  30 minutes detention*

    3rd Offense:  30 minutes detention and a call home to parents*

    4th Offense or Severe Misconduct:  Referral to grade principal, call home to parents, parent/teacher conference, depending on severity of infraction.


    *Detention will be served at my discretion, either before/after school or during your lunch. Failure to serve detention will automatically result in a 4th offense procedure.


    All policies and procedures in place in the classroom comply with those set by Moore High School and/or the Moore Public School District.