• Practice your facts for 5-10 minutes Monday-Thursday evening and get your math log signed. It is up to you to get it signed so remember if you say, "My mom or dad forgot", I'll ask you why YOU didn't get it signed.  
    Here are some fun ways to practice math facts. Many of these ideas came straight from kids. If you have a new idea, let me know and I'll add it to the list.


    Note to parents: Start with addition. If your child has mastered those fluently, go to subtraction. We will begin multiplication soon and I will let you know when. for now, we are focusing on addition and subtraction fluency for now
    Use flash Cards- Make some, buy a set, or check some out from Mrs. Simon. 
    See Favorite Kids' Links page of my web and go to one of the timed test games.
    Practice out loud on your way to your soccer game.
    Call Grandma and get quizzed on the phone with her for 5-10 minutes.
    Pick up an extra Mad Minute from class and practice racing yourself on the timer. 
    Use Basic Fact Board Games
    Use overlay Write-On books (Wal-Mart, Mardel's Coplands, Office Supply)
    Write your facts on the sidewalk with chalk.
    Be a Cheerleader- Cheer your facts out loud.
    Be a basketball star-Bounce your ball to the rhythm of saying your facts out loud.
    Hoopla Hoop while you say your facts in rhythm.
    Use a wipe-off book to write your facts. (sold at Walmart)
    Write your facts on a mini chalk board or dry erase board.
    Sing your facts to the tune of a favorite song.
    Type your facts on the computer.
    Races at home with a friend or relative.ve.
    Have fun! Try lots of these ways.