I have taught school for 26 years.  I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, Oklahoma with an English Degree as well as an Education Certification Degree in 1995.  I attended New York University with emphasis on Beatnik Writings and Poem Artistry.  I also went through special training at Oklahoma University pertaining to English Teaching Methods focusing on Advanced Placement and Master Work in Human Relations.  


        I believe in treating children with respect and dignity and expect the same in return.  I have a sense of humor and enjoy class room discussions.  I want everyone to have a voice in class, and I expect those voices to be kind and considerate of each other.  My 3 basic rules are Be Nice, Be on Time, and Be Ready




    Mission For The Class


    To raise reading levels of students to grade level or more. 


    To promote the love of reading and learning.


    To instill pride in students for themselves and their work.


    To provide a safe haven for learning.


    To share my love for books, travel and learning with students.


    To teach students to become life-long readers and learners.