• Spelling Procedure

    Students will receive 16 specific skill words and 4 bonus words. The purpose of bonus words is to help them build their vocabulary in context with what we are currently studying in class. Please ask them to tell you what they mean and encourage them to also study the bonus words all week to help build their vocabulary. Students will also receive 3 sentences with basic words included. They should study these as well for the purpose of language development.


    Students receive their words for the week. Please keep in a safe place at home so your child can practice the words through the week.

    FridayFinal test is given in word list format. Three sentences will also be given verbally for your child to write (like dictation).
    Through the WeekStudents will receive 3 sentences with spelling words included. They should be studying their words and sentences often at home. See suggestions below.
    Review WeekA list will be put in Thurs. folders containing the basic words from the past 5 lessons. Students will be given a test in sentence format using several of these review words. They will not receive new words during review week.


    Hi Students. Here are some successful tips for spelling. Chose some of the following Multiple Intelligence ways to study your words. Print this list and add some of your own ideas. Try to chose different things from time to time.
    Letter Thinking-Write your word correctly, then close your eyes and make an image in your brain of the letter order. Spell it out loud and open your eyes. Write it on paper. Do the same with the rest of your words.

    Alphabet Order-Write your words in ABC order.

    Cheerleading-Pretend you are a cheerleader and cheer your words.

    Basketball-Bounce your ball or shoot hoops to the word letters.

    Syllables-Break your words out by syllables and think about each syllable to spell the word.

    Word Find-Find and list other words inside your word. Stay in order with the letters.

    Word Search-Ask an adult to help you create a word search using http://puzzlemaker.school.discovery.com/index.html ---Click on the word find and type in your spelling words. Print it and search. Always get an adult to help you when you are on-line.

    Typing-Type your words on the computer.

    Chalk Art Spelling-Use large chalk or a rock and write your words on your driveway or sidewalk.

    Painting-Paint your words with water colors or just use a brush with only water and water paint them on a hard surface.

    Relaxing Back Scratch-Draw (with your finger of course) the letters in your words on someone's back. Now switch and have the other person draw on your back. See if you can guess the words.

    Classify-Organize your words into a t-chart or double t-chart. We will learn how to do this in class.

    Sentences-Write funny sentences or a story using your words.

    Sing Along-Sing your word letters to the beat of music.

    Drumming-Beat an up-side-down large coffee can while spelling words.

    Tape Record-Tape yourself spelling your words, then listen while checking yourself.