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    Computer Science
    Mr. Straka
    Rules to live by:
    • Do what is right
    • Do your best
    • Treat others as you wish to be treated
    Classroom Requirements:
      Paper, pencil or pen, student ID, and most of all...  A POSITIVE ATTITUDE
    • Be responsible for all material in your student handbook
    • Have your WHS planner with you at all times
    • WHS student ID's must be worn properly... NO ID.....NO COMPUTER
    • Do not "share" your student login information, nor try to logon as someone other than you
    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask me about the assignment and to make it up.  Assignments will be posted on the website.  Chances are you will have to come in before or after school to get caught up.
    • You will be given ample time to complete your assignments if you stay on task.  Late work will not be accepted.
    • Cheating will not be tolerated. 
    • Tardies will result in lunch detention
    • Please do not attempt to install any software on the computers
    • Only water is permitted, but must stay at the table.
    • Make sure when you leave, the computer settings are back to "normal"
    • Report any technical issues/difficulties to me.
    • You may leave the classroom when I dismiss you.
    Grading Policy:
        Daily work:  50% of your grade
        Test/Quizzes:  50 % of your grade