•  Wish List
    Books-new or used for our classroom library.
    Candy- this is for our classroom store and rewards (starburst, jolly ranchers, suckers, variety packages, etc.)
    Colored copy paper-this is for activities in class or notes home
    Stickers - I use a lot of these!
    Store Items - Donations would be great for the student store.  The students get to shop every Friday with the money they have made during the week!  Candy starts at $.10 and it goes up from there.  Items such as McDonald's toys, cars, tattoos, pencils, pens, small toys, etc. are the things that I like to have!!  Big items range from $2.00-$10.00.  It takes them a while to work up to that amount but they are really proud when they get to purchase a big item!!!!
    Cap erasers - It is amazing how many erasers we go through and the pencils still have so much life left to them!!!
    Colored Dry Erase Markers- I go through a lot of these.  
    Clorox Wipes- It can get pretty germy in a third grade classroom!!!
    Paper Plates - These are used for various things such as paint, science projects, food, etc.
    Indoor Recess Games - These can be new or used. 
    animated cat