• Learning Activities for Home
    1.  Play games in the car-How many? What color? Alphabet?
    2.  Play map games-calculate mileage, find town, etc.....
    3.  Count change from dad's pockets or mom's change purse
    4.  Fold paper in half or fourths
    5.  Teach card games like 21 for addition
    6.  Sort clothes (sizes, colors, shapes)
    7.  Play memory games -I'm going to grandma's and I'm going to take _________" and have to add it each time
    8.  Calculate mileage of next sign @7 miles later, etc......
    9.  Sort toys (like magnetic letter) by color
    10.  Encourage motor skills-tricycles, skateboards, baseball, basketball, Frisbee, etc.....
    11.  Read numbers on signs (road signs) etc....
    12.  Count objects at home
    13.  Use measuring cups
    14.  Cut sandwiches in different shapes
    15.  Go to grocery store.  Explore produce, meats, etc...  Which costs more?
    16.  Use 2 containers (different shapes) compare volume using water, rice, etc....
    17.  Set table (right/left-matching)
    18.  Play games with money and clocks
    19.  Play store with real money
    20.  Cut old catalogs on the lines, then sort
    21.  Read aloud to child-question them about the pictures
    22.  Count all blue cars, signs etc... on the road
    23.  Ask oral word problems- Ex:  If I had 10 pieces of candy and 10 children how would I divide them evenly?  What comes next?  Page 10 what's next?
    24.  Learn to dial phone number; learn address, birthday, first and last name
    25.  Circle all the words that begin with a "B" or any letter in newspaper articles  (point them our on restaurant menu)
    26.  Cut out pictures in magazines for classification, sound, colors, rhyming, vowels, etc...
    27.  Learn to read calendars
    28. Make learning games.  Ex: plastic Brillo pad wired to hard piece of cardboard and use roller picks or toothpicks stuck in pad for counting
    29.  Find ABC's on signs
    30.  Classify canned goods
    31.  Let child help bake cookies-follow directions
    32.  Count silverware, plates-matching sizes and shapes
    33.  Read cereal boxes
    34.  Read funnies
    35.  Go to library
    36.  Write numbers in rice
    37.  Spell with magnetic letters on ice box
    38.  Make charts and categorize on trips
    39.  Write thank you notes
    40.  Practice basic etiquette and table manners
    More suggestions
    1.  Make it fun
    2.  Keep it short
    3.  Do every night
    4.  Have good attitude
    5.  Give responsibilities
    6.  Give two-part instructions and gradually increase
    7.  Encourage extra activities
    8.  Answer questions when they are asked-take the time-it's important
    9.  Limit TV
    10.  Keep easy access to books, pictures-make it appealing
    11. Start a family night-have quality time-play games
     home learning