Our Class Wish List:
    Sometimes parents ask if there are things we need in the classroom. We use the items listed below frequently:

    •  Tulip Paint  1 bottle each of red, green, orange, yellow, blue,pink, brown, and purple for end of the year project
    • Velcro (dots or strips of any color)
    • Craft Sticks (plain or colored, small like popsicle sticks or wide like tongue depressors)
    • Sentence Strips (white or colored, can be found at Dollar Tree for $1 & we use them almost daily)
    • White Paper Lunch Sacks
    • Clothespins (any color, plastic or wooden)
    • Sidewalk Chalk (for writing spelling words)
    • Motivational and Seasonal Stickers
    • Colored File Folders
    • 100-150 piece puzzles (new or used as long as it has all the pieces)
    • Cans of Shaving Cream
    • New or Used Recess Games
    • Small Trinkets or Pre-Packaged Candy (for our Treasure Chest)