Examples of Life Principles

    Self-discipline – the ability to choose and control one’s own actions

    Responsibility – making the choice to be reliable and dependable

    Honesty - truthfulness

    Integrity – acting according to a sense of right and wrong

    Courage – strength to act even when afraid or uncertain

    Compassion – ability to share another’s feelings or ideas

    Perseverance – the ability to persist or continue striving

    Loyalty – faithfulness to another

    Effort – doing your best in an endeavor

    Respect – demonstrating high regard for a person or idea

    Friendship – caring for and trusting one another

    Cooperation – working together

    Common Sense – thinking before acting; using good judgment

    Flexibility – the ability to make adjustments or alter plans

    Initiative – taking action; originating new ideas

    Curiosity – the desire to learn, to explore, investigate

    Patience – the ability to wait calmly

    Problem-solving – creating solutions, finding answers

    Justice – being fair, right and upholding what is right

    Commitment – keeping a promise or pledge

    Esprit de corps – devotion among members of a group for each other and purposes

    Humanitarianism – helping other humans

    Citizenship – behaving in a responsible manner as a citizen of our community

    Service – giving of one’s time and energies to help others

    Courtesy – using good manners

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