• This year, the science department has worked toward coming up with a standardized school supply list. This way, even if you switch classes for some reason, you will be required to have the same supplies. This prevents parents from having to purchase more supplies mid-semester. The requires supplies are as follows: 
    The following items are on donation basis only! Every year, parents ask if there is anything else that teachers need. If you feel called to help, these items are things we use throughout the year and often need to replenish. Donations of these items would be greatly appreciated! 
    1. Dry Erase Markers Especially in fun colors!
    2. Paper Towels  Labs can get messy
    3. Coffee    No, really. For the sake of the children :)
    4. Pencils    Just in case...
    5. Dixie Cups     We use these for more than one lab
    6. Notebook paper  College ruled, please
    7. Graph paper  
    8. Post-its 
    9. Green pens     These are for grading
    10. Sharpies     NOT for graffiti!
    11. Candies    
     These are for classification labs.
    We need skittles, m&m's, and jelly belly's.
     * In order for your child to succeed in this Science class, he/she must have access to scissors, glue, and colored pencils at home.  I will provide these items during the school day, but it is possible that your child will have homework where these items are required.  I will not give extensions on home work if your child does not complete it on time because of lack of supplies. 
    Donations of extra boxes of Kleenex and Clorox wipes are always useful and appreciated to keep our kids happy and healthy!