• Every AP Calculus student should have:
    • 3 Composition Notebooks (100 pages).   If your handwriting is really large then you should purchase a couple of extra composition notebooks. 
    • Pencils and Eraser
    • Red Pen for Grading
    • Highlighters: Variety of Colors
    • TI-89 Graphing Calculator not the 84* 

    *Calculus students will be provided a TI - 89 for the school year so there is no need to purchase one.  However, each student will be responsible for the cost of the calculator just as they are for the textbook if it is not returned in good working order. 

    Every Pre-AP Math Analysis Student should have: 
    • 2 Composition Notebooks (100 pages) 
    • Highlighters: Variety of Colors
    • Pencils and Eraser
    • Notebook Paper
    • 3 ring binder for returned homework
    • Red Pen for Grading
    • Graphing Paper 
    • Select one of the following to purchase for classroom use:  Scotch tape, kleenex
    • Calculator - A TI-89 will be available in the classroom.  If you are going to purchase a calculator then aTI-89 is the type I highly recommend.  A TI-84 is okay but we do not use them in Calculus.
    Composition Notebooks:
    • Purchase a notebook that is sewn together, not glued.  I've seen several of the glued notebooks fall apart and students have to recopy everything in a new notebook.

    (open to the middle of the notebook, you should see thread where it was sewn together)

    • Composition notebooks should have no less that 100 sheets (or 200 pages)
    • I have had several donated for this school year, which I will be happy to give to my students who would like them.