Pre-AP Precalculus/Trig is the course for laying the foundation for higher mathematics. All of the skills and tools developed in algebra are applied and extended to new, exciting, and interesting concepts. Topics to be covered include: trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, theory of equations, elementary functions and graphs, analytic geometry, and if time permits, complex numbers and limits. (Students who complete this course will be well prepared for AP Calculus.)


    • All students can learn!

    • People who try are not failures.  You can learn so much from your mistakes if you are willing to discuss them.

    • If it isn’t done well, it isn’t done yet. • Communication is the key to success.


    • 30% Notebook/Homework.  (Notebook = 25 points.  Each Homework = 10 points.)
    • 50% Tests/Quizzes  (Each Test is worth 100 points.  Each Quiz is worth 50 points) 
    • 20% Final Semester Exam 


    Homework will be graded daily.  Grades will be assigned by the percentage of correct work/answers to the total number of problems.  Plan on homework every night unless it is a test day. Composition notebooks will be graded at the end of each unit based on accurate notes, examples, organization, and neatness.   Occasionally, activities and handouts are assigned grades as well.
    Exams are given at the end of each unit.  Quizzes are given in the middle of the unit.  Unit exams may require a calculator and some may not depending on the topic being tested.  Retests:  2 tests per semester may be retaken if you have met the following criteria:  The test are corrected before/after school and then retaken on the designated day (usually 1 week after the original exam was given). The higher of the 2 grades will be assigned.  
    Communication is stressed as a major goal of this course.   It is the responsibility of the student to request assistance outside of class if they feel they are falling behind.  Do not resort to cheating or using websites such as Slader.  You will only fall farther and farther behind.  I can quickly identify students that start these bad habits.  I am your best resource.  Use me!!!
    Extra Help is Available:

     I arrive at approximately 7:30.  I usually leave between 4:00 PM.  I keep these hours to give assistance when needed.  I would prefer to help a student work through a problem, rather than have them quit in frustration.  Due to my bus duty assignment, I will not be available on Thursdays from 3:05 to 3:20.

    Additionally, the website CalcChat.com offers free tutoring during the designated hours on the website.  This website also has the odd problems worked out.

    Extra Credit   When offered, which is extremely rare, extra credit will be directly tied to instructional objectives and the amount of extra credit will not exceed 5% of the total semester points.  Do not ask for extra credit.  If I ever offer it, then it will be for all students and I will notify the entire class.



    1. All school policies, especially electronic devices, dress code, attendance, tardiness, etc., will be upheld.

    2. Students will be quiet and seated in their assigned seats when the bell rings, and ready to “engage their brains”.

    3. Cell phones must be kept out of sight.  Otherwise, I will collect them and keep until after class.

    4. Students will bring their notebooks, supplies, and Agenda each day.

    5. During practice periods, students may talk quietly if they do not disturb others.

    6. Everyone will respect the right of others to learn. 

     Last Thoughts

          Math is a subject you learn by doing. Just sitting there during class or just going through the motions of “getting” the assignments done will not lead to success.  Put your phone away, out of sight, so that you can stay focused on what is happening in class.  Engage your brain (with your pencil on paper)!


          Before or after school is our time to get things done right, to makeup tests or other missed work. It is our time to communicate one-on-one, time to make sure that you, the student, succeeds.


          I will endeavor to treat you with respect as adults. I expect you to treat me and other students with the same respect. I will try to make the class relaxed and enjoyable, but you must cooperate with me in seeing that order, and an atmosphere conducive to learning is maintained.


          Let’s have a great year — We’re all in this together...


    Mrs. Hurt