• In my classroom students will be safe and they will be respected as individuals. In my class students will have a level of expectations placed on them that is high. I know from experience that the students will rise up and meet these expectations. My class is built on having success and we will experience success early and often. However, as we progress through the semester the classwork will become more challenging. In this class we will meet those challenges head on and we will grow from them. I expect the students to be active learners in this class. Classroom participation is vital to the students' success. I know that different students learn in different ways and I do my best to reach out to the different styles of learning. I know from experience that all students can learn and in this classroom they will learn and they will have success if they follow the procedures that I have given to them. 
        My classroom is a very disciplined environment. Students are expected to follow directions, follow the rules that I will give them, and they will be expected to act in an appropriate manner at all times. Behaving in an appropriate manner will also be key in having success in this class.There will be times that the students work in groups and there will be times in which they work individually. I reserve the right as the teacher to modify, adapt, or change assignments as needed. I am very student centered and any actions that I take always have one underlying factor: Doing what is best for the students involved.