• Computer Education

    Mission Statement

    The Computer Education I course provides students with the ability to use computers, software, and the Internet as tools for success in their education and for their personal use.


    We will work on writing a great deal in this class. We will learn how to use the internet to research appropriate topics in an efficient manner. We will learn the correct manner to document the sources that we use for our research using the MLA Format. We will study various scenarios and solve problems through research while using skills from various disciplines.

    Students will learn to use technology as a tool as they study basic hardware, software, and systems operations. Additional topics of study will be file management, graphics, computer ethics, careers and an introduction to game design concepts. Current Internet ethical and safety considerations will be covered.
    We will study the history of Computers and Internet

    We will discuss internet ethics, netiquette, safety, and real-world applications such as: Google
    Maps, Map quest, Travelocity, and online shopping. We will also discuss Copyright and intellectual
    We will work to become more efficient in Microsoft Office.
    We will do an overview of OpenOffice.org and Google Apps including file management.
    We will provide an introduction to HTML-creating and formatting a Web page (background colors,
    formatting of text and graphics, hyperlinks)
    We will use the following Instructional Tools: Software-OpenOffice.org and Google Apps; Paint;
    Micro worlds; Internet; Digital media/cameras
    The Following will be used for Evaluation of Learning: Observation, Rubrics, Projects, and Objective Tests