1) All student handbook rules will be followed
          2) Classroom disruptions or the use of profanity will not be allowed
          3) Cell phones should be silenced and put away unless we are using them for a class related need, otherwise I will collect your phone until the end of class.
          4) Come to class on time and be prepared to learn bell to bell
          5) Be courteous and respectful of each other and myself



    1)       If a student acts in such a way that it disrupts teaching or learning, I will have to do something.  Usually I will assign lunch detention and/or contact your parent.

    2)       Each student and each situation is different.  Something will be done in a fair and equitable manner.

    3)       A referral may be written and/or parents contacted if the situation is not resolved.



    Absences    If you are absent from this class more than ten days, you will fail for the semester.

     Tardies        Two tardies constitute an absence and will be counted as such in conjunction with the attendance policy.  Tardies may be excused only with a valid pass.  Unexcused tardies will result in disciplinary action.  First 2 tardies will receive a warning and the 3rd tardy will receive lunch detention and parental contact.

     Make-up Work / Late Work         
         Late assignments will not be accepted. Make-up work for
     excused absences, which meet the district attendance criteria, will be considered for full credit.  The number of days allowed to make up missed assignments shall equal at least the number of days absent.  Test dates and assignment deadlines announced when a student is in class will still be in effect even if student is absent after it was announced and before it was due.

    Tutoring Policy  

    You are encouraged to come in for help whenever necessary.  I am available before school (I arrive around 7:30) and after school (I leave around 4:00). I do have duties and meetings that I must attend from time to time that will occur in this time period.  If this does not work with your schedule, then I suggest a study group with your classmates, watch math videos, or possibly read your text book!   


    Additionally, you should take advantage of a website that is available to you called CalcChat.com.  You can chat with a tutor, at no charge, during the hours posted at the site.  The website also provides step-by-step solutions to most odd-numbered exercises.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure you learn the material.



    Lunch detention for me is served in my room S106.  It is the first 10 minutes of your lunch.  Lunch detention may be assigned for (but not limited to) the following:

    1)       Being tardy to class more than two times.

    2)       Not bringing learning materials, such as your composition notebook, to class.

    3)       Phone use during class

    4)       Restroom breaks (when student doesn’t have their agenda)

    Not serving a detention will result in a verbal warning, with 5 minutes added. 

    Not serving the detention after a warning will result in a referral.