AR Reading Program/End of School Awards


                Here is how the AR program works in Mrs. Bates’ third grade class.  The students read books and take quizzes through a computer program.  As they do this, they earn points.  The students will receive two grades in the grade book for AR.  One is an average of their comprehension grade and the other is a grade for their points.  Students need to be careful to only take tests when they have read the book and understood it.  Some students will read quickly and take a test but not earn points because they did not remember or understand what they read.

                Each student will have their own AR goal for each nine weeks based on their scores from the STAR reading test.  Our goal is for each child to receive 85% or above on every AR test.  The students have the opportunity to reach different levels of the AR clubs.  The clubs are listed in the table below along with the number of points and percentage correct they must have to be in the club.  We will have a party at the end of each nine weeks for each club.
    Each student will be able to earn awards for AR points received at the end of the year. 
    Bronze Medal - 50-74 AR points
    Silver Medal - 75-99 AR points
    Gold Medal - 100-149 AR points
    Special Medal - 150 points and above 


    Sweet Treats
    85% comprehension
    Has met individual goal
    85% comprehension
    5 points above individual goal
    85% comprehension
    10 points above individual goal
    Pizza Picnic
    85% comprehension
    15 points above individual goal
    Classroom Awards
    Citizenship Award                                    Math Medal - Highest Average
    Shining Star Award-Most Improved         Language Medal - Highest Average
    Reading Medal-Highest average                Science and Social Studies - Highest Average