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  • Michael Lampe
    Masters of Science School Counseling
                        Welcome to the Counselor's Corner. I am glad that you found time to stop by and see what is going on with counseling at our awesome school. This site is  updated monthly, so stop by often to see what is new. Please feel free to contact me through my email or you can call me. If  I am unavailable, please leave a message and I WILL  return your call. 
              Autumn is finally here. Now the days will get shorter and hopefully cooler. October is Bully Awarness month and Drug Awarness month. I will be going into classes presenting lessons on how do identify bullying and stratagies for stopping Bullys in their tracks. I will also be doing lessons on Drug Awarness and how to stay drug free.
               Red Ribbon week is October 21st through October 25th. Our theme is: Send a message, Stay Drug Free. The parade will be Saturday, October 26th in downtown Moore beginning at 10:00. We are asking for candy donations for walking students to throw to spectators. We are also asking for parents and children to walk with us down the parade route. More information to follow. 
             As always, I am available to students and parents anytime during the day if needed. 
             If you have any questions about the counseling program, please do do not hesitate to call. 
    What Does the School Counselor do?

      Classroom Guidance Lessons

     Individual Counseling Sessions

      Small Group Counseling

     Red Ribbon Week activities

    Building Test Coordinator

    AAA Junior Safety Patrol Coordinator


    How does a student talk with the counselor?


     Teacher referral

     Parent referral

                    Administrative referral


    I meet with each class monthly for Classroom Guidance Lessons. Some of the topics we will be covering are:

    ·         Bullying/Cyber bullying

    ·         Drug and Alcohol Prevention

    ·         Making Healthy & Safe Choices

    ·         Giving & Kindness

    ·         Dreams for our Future: Careers

    ·         Friendship & Acceptance

    ·         Educational Pride & Self-Esteem

    ·         Responsibility & Respect

    We are continuing to recognize students that exhibit outstanding character traits through out the year and to emphasize positive behavior support—in other words, we are trying to “catch them being good!!”. These celebrations will take place at Monthly Cougar Calls. The monthly Cougar Character traits we are looking for are as follow:

    v Responsibility

    v  Effort

    v  Spirit

    v  Pride

    v  Enthusiasm

    v  Courtesy

    v  Teamwork




    Please do not hesitate to call the school  or make an appointment to see me anytime you have concerns about your child. My office is located in the main hallway, just off the cafeteria.

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