• PE Procedures:
    Come in and sit quietly in squad lines.
    Listen and follow all directions.
    Show respect and good sportsmanship to others.
    No gum, candy, or food in gym.
    No toys, gadgets, pencils, pens, etc...
    Keep hands, feet & objects to yourself.
    Dress appropriately - NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS, OR BOOTS.
    Everyone is expected to participate every day. Bring a note if you are injured or sick.
    Stay away from fans & fire alarms.
    Don't complain about the activities.
    No sliding on gym floor.
    Use the bathroom before or after PE.
    Check your shoes for rocks & mud.
    Line up quietly without touching each other.
    1 - Verbal warning
    2 - Sit out activity
    3 - Parent phone call or note sent home
    4 - SEVERE - office