• Learning Centers in Our Classroom  
       The best way for kindergarten children to learn is through active play.  My classroom is set up in active learning centers.   I carefully plan the materials in each center to develop skills and meet the needs of the children in my class.  This is a list of the learning centers and some of the many skills that children develop as they play in the centers.

     Art Center- When children work at the art center, they develop:
    social skills
    eye-hand coordination
    small muscle skills
    creative expression
    problem solving skills
    concepts about size, color, shape and texture

    Play dough center- When children play with play dough they:
    develop small muscles
    learn to share
    often pound and squeeze play dough helping angry feelings go away!

    Discovery/Science-In the discovery center, children:
    solve problems
    make decisions
    develop both science and math concepts

    Block building- When they build with blocks, children:
    build muscle skills
    develop math concepts-number, size, shape, space and weight
    plan and follow through
    work together with others

    Pretend- In the pretend center, children:
    learn to take on other roles- mother, father, doctor, teacher, waitress, waiter, etc.
    develop social skills
    work together with others
    develop language skills
    express themselves creatively

    Listening- At the listening center, children:
    listen to a variety of stories read by a variety of people
    follow along in the book as it is read
    hear special sound effects that enhance the stories

    Building sets- When children play with building sets they:
    develop small muscle skills
    develop eye-hand coordination
    work together with others
    plan and follow through

    Reading Center- When children play in the reading center, they:
    pretend read
    learn to enjoy, appreciate and care for books
    "picture read" books
    re-read familiar stories
    practice reading skills

    Math Center- In the math center, children learn about:
    counting sorting and classifying
    making patterns
    geometric shapes
    adding and subtracting

    Language and ABC Center-In the language and alphabet center, children develop:
    letter recognition
    oral language
    rhyming skills
    phonics skills
    story telling skills

    Writing Center- In the writing center, children:
    use a variety of materials for writing
    discover many purposes for writing
    write cards, letters, stories and books
    develop small motor skills
    develop eye-hand coordination