• Morning Procedures

    Upon entering the classroom, students will unstack chairs and unpack their bags. ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED ON SILENT.  Students will copy all assignments in their agenda each morning before going to the restroom. Students are expected to have 5 sharpened pencils, a yellow highlighter, a large eraser, and a red grading pen with their binder before the school day begins.  They may only sharpen pencils during class when all 5 pencils are unusable.  Students will not be allowed to sharpen pencils during instruction time or while the teacher is speaking; because of this procedure students must have at least 5 sharpened pencils (or 5 mechanical pencils) with them at all times. 



                                 Hand Signals

    student Students will be using hand signals to communicate certain needs to the teacher. 

    The hand signals minimize interruptions and distractions, while still allowing students to express their needs.

    -Raise your hand if you have any questions, are ill, or have an emergency.

    -Lock fingers and rest hands on table - you are set and ready to learn.

    -Hold up crossed fingers (R) if you are asking to use the restroom.

    -If you need a drink, don’t raise your hand – just wait until the teacher is done talking and you may get one.

    -Hold up pointer finger and thumb (L) if you need to go to the library or your locker to get an A.R. book ONLY if you are finished with all of your work and your current book(s).

    Walking up to a teacher, whether she is talking or not, is an automatic warning.

    Switching Classeslocker

    As the teachers, we will dismiss the class, not the clock or the bell.  Students will wait for our instruction before they begin packing up their materials or leaving their seats.  Students must clear everything off their tables; pick up the area around their seats; get any materials they need for where they are going; stand quietly and push in their chair; and line up in front of the door with their voices silent. 

    Students will line up quietly in number order inside the classroom at the teacher’s request.  When signaled, students will have access to tthe hallway and wait outside of their next class until told to enter.  Unlike switching classes in junior high, our neighboring classes do not switch when we do.  It is imperative that students remain silent at all times during this procedure, so as not to disturb others’ learning. We will provide a "brain break" inside the classroom so students have time to get their "wiggles" out.


                          “Free” Time

         When daily assignments are complete and turned in, students have 3 options:

    reading 1st – Finish any work that has not been completed in your binder.

    2nd – Read your AR book that should ALWAYS be with you or take an AR test.

    3rd – Study for an upcoming test or work at a center with a teacher’s permission.



    Computer Lab

                Students will enter the computer lab and stand behind their assigned seats.  When prompted by the teacher, students will sit down, log on, and wait for further instructions.  Headphones are NOT to be touched until instructed by the teacher. Programs are NOT to be opened until directed to do so.  Do NOT access any websites that are not approved by your teachers.  Before leaving the computer lab, teachers will instruct students to shut down the programs and log off of the computer. When prompted by the teacher, students will move all cords into position, stand up, and push in their chairs.  I know this sounds very strict, but we must take care of our school property. Students that do not follow computer lab procedures will not have access to any computers.  Instead, they will have a written assignment to do on the floor.



                Students will enter the library quietly, sit in their assigned seats, and wait for Ms. Zuck’s instructions.  When prompted, students will turn in the books they have tested on and look for new ones.  Remember, students are expected to get one chapter book and one “skinny” book that are in their reading range.


    Restroom Breaks

          All students will have the opportunity to use the restroom each morning after coming to class, unpacking their bag, and completing their agenda. We will also go the the restroom as a class after lunch/recess, and specials (music, PE, computers). We will not keep a student from using the restroom, but due to limited time in each class - it is very important that students TRY to go every time we go as a class. 



                All breakfast and lunch money needs to be turned into the cafeteria before class begins at 9:15 a.m. Teachers will have a basket designated for student lunch bags.  When asked, students will get their lunch bag and line up in number order for lunch Monday-Thursday.  On Fridays if the entire 5th grade has been well behaved that week, students may sit in any order (in their own class line). Students who do not receive any warnings on their behavior sheet will receive a coupon to “Sit by a Friend” in any class! This coupon must be presented to the teacher and taken to the cafeteria for the duty teacher. 



    At 3:40 p.m. teachers will prompt students to prepare for dismissal.  All homework will be highlighted on agendas and in homework folders.  Teachers will walk students to their designated dismissal areas.