4th Grade Behavior Expectations 
    Mustang Code                   7 habits



     Behavior Expectations

    Discipline is the teaching one receives to prevent wrongdoing, not the penalty one receives following acts of misbehavior. The Mustang Code and 7 Habits of Happy Kids will help your child to succeed in and out of school. They are set as guidelines for behavior and learning. Students are expected to make good choices and control their own behavior. They will have procedures to follow throughout the day to encourage good choices and maximize learning experiences. Fifth grade students have been in a school setting for at least 5 years already, so they are expected to know the right things to do.


    Mustang Honor Code

           Students will have the opportunity to earn a "stamp" each day for good behavior by following the Mustang Code. If students earn a set amount of "stamps" for each 9 week period, they will get to attend a celebration. Students will lose their "stamp" after receiving 3 warnings in one day. Extreme misbehavior will result in an automatic loss of a "stamp" for that day. 


    Student Accountability

    There will be a behavior sheet for each student that will be kept in my behavior binder.  This is a school wide document that will be used for recording behavior in each class throughout the day.  All warnings will also be written in their agenda for you to see daily.  We will record the details and issue an appropriate consequence.  If it is an extreme situation or reoccurring event. In that case, we will contact you that day via email, text, or phone. Students who receive 4 warnings in one day will be written up and sent to the office.  


     Students can receive verbal warnings followed by a written warning for not correcting their behavior or following a certain life principle, for example: responsibility: not turning in homework on time, respect: excessive talking, self discipline: inappropriate noises or behavior, integrity: dishonesty, courtesy: starting or spreading rumors, rough play, or verbal or physical fighting, etc.  



    Cussing, Stealing, or Damaging Property

    Verbal Harassment/Insults, Foul Language, or Spreading Rumors

    Physical Contact/ Horseplay or Rough play

    Verbal Harassment/Bullying, Threats, or Starting Rumors

    Physical Contact/ Fighting

    Consequences are a result of an action, a logical result or conclusion.  Students must be allowed to own their behavior and choices.  As teachers, it is our job to guide them in solving social and learning problems.  In our classrooms, bad choices made by the student will have natural and logical consequences.  For example: if a student is talking excessively, within their group, and has been asked to work quietly on numerous occasions, the student could be moved to work alone for a period of time. If a student is leaning back in their chair after warnings, the chair will be taken to avoid injury to self or others.

             Each of us will be using our own incentive programs in our classroom where students can earn points, class money, or tickets to win or spend on prizes throughout the day, week, and month. We like to focus on those doing the right thing and following the Mustang Code by praising them and rewarding their good choices! Please reward them at home for days without warnings to encourage them to continue to strive for greatness!  Donations of small wrapped candy or snacks are greatly appreciated!



                Again, we strive to use natural and logical consequences. We view recess as a need that shouldn't be taken away for little things. Not only do students need a mental and physical break, but we do as well. We try to only "take away" recess in extreme situations. These include any verbal or physical harassment, bullying, rumors, cussing, stealing, damaging property, or repeated rough play, etc. because these behaviors would only be magnified during free time. The time may come that we need to conference with a student about other behaviors and a portion of their recess may be used for this.  

     Cell Phones

          Students must turn in a District permission slip to have their cell phone at school. All cell phones are to be kept on silent and out of sight. First warning: teacher collects phone and keeps it until the end of the day. 2nd warning: phone will be sent to office for parent to pick up. 3rd warning: student will lose the privilege of having a cell phone at school. 

    Rewcandy ards and Incentives

    Independent: Students will earn tokens, tickets, or class money for outstanding behavior. These can be spent on prizes on "store" days.

    Group Points: Monthly Winners = Prize

    Compliment Chains: when they reach the ground = 25 Minute Recess the next day
    The 2 students with the best behavior throughout the year = a trophy, a Citizenship certificate, and recognition at the end of the year awards assembly.