4th Grade Work Expectations 


    It i s to each child’s advantage to be at school, ON TIME, every day. Students are given from 9:00-9:15 to prepare for the day.  Class begin s promptly at 9:15 a.m.  Students are expected to be in class and ready to learn at this time.  If you intend on eating breakfast at the school, please try to arrive at 8:45 a.m.  An ill student should stay at home, but otherwise I look forward to seeing each student at school every day.  Please try to schedule all appointments as early in the morning as possible to keep your child from missing teacher instruction and to help with our school’s attendance. Since students will be rotating classes this year, they could possibly miss an entire class if tardy or checked out early.


    pencil School Work

    All work should be completed in PRINT (unless otherwise specified), with a pencil, and always with the neatest handwriting.  Students will be allowed ONE day past the due date to turn papers in with an automatic 10 point deduction.  If it is not complete by the second day, the student will receive a 20 point deduction.  Any work not completed in the student’s own handwriting will receive a ZERO.  Receiving zero points for any assignment can be very harmful to a student’s grades and even detrimental when this happens more than once in a single class.

             On Thursdays, teachers will print missing paper reports to send home. Students will have time to find the assignment and take it with them to complete. If any missing assignment is not turned in by Friday morning, students will work during FUN FRIDAY to complete their work. 


    homework Homework

      Each student will have a class binder with two pockets. All homework will be in the front pocket. Some work will be stored in the other parts of their binders while working on projects in class. Students are NOT to store ANY assignments in textbooks because it is a very easy way to lose track of work. It is imperative that binders are brought to school EVERY day. Binders will be taken home EVERY night. Please be sure to look at their agendas each night, there is a place for parents to sign.


                Reading at home is strongly encouraged and will be expected after their first library visit. (Please refer to the Accelerated Reader information) Students will have spelling and vocabulary lists inside their binders to study throughout the week. Practice at home is not required - but I certainly recommend it! Any practice done at home can be turned in for possible bonus points. Tests will be given on Thursdays of each week. 


    agenda            Students will take home any unfinished class work which is due the next day. All unfinished school work will be highlighted in students’ agendas. Students will have between 9:00-9:15 to turn in all homework.  After this time, assignments will be considered late even if it is finished before the end of the day.Being a parent, we know how short our evenings can be, especially with sports, reading, and other activities already on the schedule! If a student is bringing home a lot of work each day it could be due to them not using their time wisely in class.  Please contact us if with any questions or concerns about your child’s homework.


                Students are expected to manage their own homework and make-up work, but the time may come when they are unsure what to do on a problem or even an entire assignment. If you are unable to help them, please write a comment on the paper and send it back to class. Unless there is a comment in your handwriting on the paper, it will be marked late.  When they have free time we will assist them, which may be during their recess.



     Absent Work desk

                Absent students will be able to copy the class agenda when they return to school or  a copy of it may be picked up after 4:00 in the office by a parent/guardian by notifying in the office. Extra copies of work will be stored in a designated place so that students can get to it easily. It is the student's responsibility as to get all of the make-up work when he/she returns.  Students will then have one day for every day he/she has missed to complete ALL of the assignments.  The late work policy applies to all make-up work as well. 

    computer Parent Portal

    Moore Public Schools has an internet program called Parent Portal for accessing information concerning your child’s daily grades.  We strongly recommend that every parent visit the front office to obtain their password for accessing this information.  For those of you who do not have access to the internet at home, it is available at your local library.  The program is a great way to stay updated on your child’s daily progress. 

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns. We appreciate all that you do and with your help this year will be a tremendous success.