Classroom Procedures:

    1.  Come to class prepared: Bring TOOL KIT, paper and pencils

    2.  Before entering the room, be sure to put phone on SILENT (not vibrate)

    •  ALL phones and watches will be placed in your assigned technology holder pocket

    3. Students are expected to come in the classroom and be seated before the tardy bell rings.

    • Your starting instructions will be on the board when you come in
    • Login to the computers imediately 

    4.  Stay seated until I dismiss class: 

    • I have a timer that will sound indicating the last three minutes of class.
    • Work consistantly until you hear the timer
    • Do not start gathering your belongings before the timer rings
    • Do not get up and leave when the school bell rings. I will be the one to dismiss you.

    5. Cheating will get you a ZERO!!!


     Tardy Policy

    I follow the Brink Tardy Policy as stated in the student handbook.