• 4th Grade Rules
    1. Come to class prepared every day.
        -Students will have time before/end of the day to sharpen pencils.  
    2. Listen carefully and follow directions.
    3. Always use honesty and integrity.
    4. Turn work in on time.
        -Assignments are due the next day. If the assignment is turned in a day late, 15 points will automatically be taken off. Anytime after the first day, the assignment will be given 50% if completed. No late assignments will be accepted less than a week before the end of the 9 weeks. 
    5. Respect others and their property.
    6. No gum or fidget spinners at school. 
    Students will be given a behavior calendar each month. The student will be responsible for keeping up with the calendar and taking to each class. Any disruptive behavior will be documented in the calendar. Students with 5 or less documentations will receive a reward at the end of each month.