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    Accelerated Reader

    Here is how the AR program works in Mrs. Lee’s third grade class.  The students read books and take quizzes through a computer program that awards them points based on the grade they made on the test.  Some students will read quickly and take a test but not earn any points because they did not remember or understand what they read.  This is very important because they must maintain an 85% average.

    ·         Accelerated Reader tests can be taken anytime throughout the day as long as there isn't instruction taking place.

    ·         Each student will be required to accumulate a certain number of points each week/nine weeks and maintain an 85% average. The AR reading level and required points for each nine weeks will be at the top of the reading log.

    ·         There will be four different clubs your child will be able to be a part of depending on how many points they get for the nine weeks. We will have a party at the end of each nine weeks for each club.


    ·         AR tests should be taken on books that are in your child's reading level.  If they want to take a test above their reading level please send me a note so I know you have reviewed the book with them and approved of the content. I allow them to take four tests each nine weeks that are below their grade level.

    ·         Students can go to the library for checkouts most every day.


     The clubs are listed in the table below along with the number of points and percentage correct they must have to be in the club.  We will have a party at the end of each nine weeks for each club.   






    Sweet Treats


    85% comprehension

    Has met individual goal




    85% comprehension

    5 points above individual goal




    85% comprehension

    10 points above individual goal


    Pizza Picnic


    85% comprehension

    15 points above individual goal