• Hello! My name is Kelli Woods and I'm excited to be at Earlywine! I have been a Speech-Language Pathologist in Moore Public Schools since 2003 and I love what I do. In addition to my passion for speech therapy, I am married and have twin daughters who also attend Earlywine! My road to Speech Pathology began early on. As a young child my mom was devastated to hear a daycare teacher tell her "I can't understand a thing your little girl says!" I was subsequently placed in speech therapy as a 3 year old and was out of therapy in two years thanks to a great Speech Pathologist and my very dutiful mother that set aside 30 minutes a day to work on speech with me in the bathroom mirror!
    As an undergraduate student I changed my major from Early Childhood Education to Speech Pathology and began my Junior year at OU Health Sciences Center in 1999. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders, I received a Master of Science in the field of Speech Language Pathology in 2003. I also gained my "C's" (Clinical Certificate of Competence) through the American Speech and Hearing Association. Fresh out of college I began my career in the medical field. Though I loved working with head and neck cancer patients at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital in OKC, I quickly determined I needed to be with my first love - children! I really enjoy working with preschool and school age children as well as their families. I truly believe it is a group effort to make gains with speech and language skills. My goal is to never let another mom or dad feel like my parents did when I was first diagnosed with an articulation delay - like they had done something wrong or missed a symptom here or there....knowledge and information are key and I aim to provide these at every opportunity.
    I look forward to working with you and your child this year! 

    Kelli Woods, MS, CCC-SLP