• Mr. Lingo

    Business/Computers Classroom Procedures


    Respect – Respect the teacher, your classmates, and yourself.

    Attitude – Have a positive attitude.

    Responsibility – Be prepared and be responsible for your own actions.



    1.  Entering the classroom – Be on time and have all supplies ready at your work space. Students need to retrieve their assigned textbook upon entering the class. There will not be assigned seats unless it becomes necessary due to classroom behavior.

    2.  Late to class – See student handbook (every two tardies = one absence). Students are counted absent after five minutes tardy. It is important to be on time for school, class and life. School tardy policy is followed in this classroom!

    3.  Hall Pass/Permission to Leave Class – The student will be allowed to leave class for emergencies only. If the student has health conditions, a note from a doctor or parent must be kept in the student’s agenda. All students must have an agenda and student ID to leave classroom. No other hall passes will be granted.

    4.  End of Class – Class is not over until the bell dismisses the students. Do not line up at classroom door to exit.

    5.  Make-Up Work – After a student has been absent, it is his/her responsibility to schedule a time before or after school to meet with the teacher and collect any make-up materials. All assignments will be posted on the website. This is a good place to start if you are missing assignments. It will give a detailed explanation of what the student missed on a particular day.

    6.  Late Work – All assignments must be completed, but if completed late, 25% will be deducted from the total score.

    7.  Behavior Problems – Any offense that interrupts student learning and is in conflict with the class rules will not be tolerated. The teacher will deliver appropriate consequences to ensure that future disruptions do not occur. Behavior usually refers back to the classroom expectations. If you are respectful, responsible, and have a positive attitude, usually behavior problems are kept to a minimum.