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  • Power Point Assignment

    Power Point Project Instructions



    Students will complete a power point assignment over the 27 Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Each Amendment will require at least two slides. The first slide will be a written summary of the amendment. The second slide will be an image that describes the amendment. At least 10 of the images must be created by the student using Paint, GIMP, or any other suitable program. This assignment is worth 1600 Points. Also, there needs to be a Works Cited Slide at the end of the Project. 



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  • Vacation Project


    Vacation Project September 2013


    Mr. R is having a Birthday and he is giving you the gift!!!! Because of the record profits recorded thus far Mr. R enterprises, hereafter referred to as the company, has plenty of cash to send each of his employees on a six day, five night vacation to Denver, Colorado!!! The dates of your trip will be October 9th through October 14th (leaving Moore on October 9th, coming home on Monday, October 14th). Mr. R is staying in Moore to do your jobs while you are away having fun. Mr. R is happy to do this for you because of all of the hard work that you have put in to make the company so profitable. All expenses will be paid. However, Mr. R has put some rules in place and a form must be filled out prior to leaving for Denver that will list all of your expenses as well as the places that you will eat at, sleep at, and relax at. Mr. R also is making two activities mandatory for all employees. All employees must attend the Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game on Sunday, October 13th, which happens to be Mr. R’s 400thBirthday. Mr. R, because of his vast connections, is able to provide you with a vehicle to drive. Morning employees will be allowed to drive any 2012 or 2013 General Motors automobile. Afternoon employees will be able to drive any 2012 or 2013 Ford, Chrysler, or Dodge, automobile. The form is below and it must be filled out completely. Incomplete forms will be returned for correction. Once forms are accepted by the company they cannot be amended for additional money by the employee. Mr. R understands that this is an estimate. Therefore, he will give up to 10% more money upon return, if receipts are provided. Make sure you bold print all of your costs. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!



    1. What type of automobile will you be driving?10 Points


    2. How many miles per gallon does it get? (Name two Internet sites in which you got your answer from)20 Points


    3. Which route will you take to Denver? (Name at least three web sites in which you can find the answer to this question). Write a paragraph describing the route you will take to Denver.30 Points


    4. Which route will you take home from Denver? This must be a different route then the one you took to Denver. Write a paragraph describing the route you will take home. 50 Points


    5. How many miles will it be to Denver? How many miles will it be round trip? (Name at least two web sites that give this information)50 Points


    6. How many times will you have to stop for fuel on the way to Denver?10 Points


    6A. How many gallons of fuel does your vehicle hold?30 Points


    7. What towns or cities will you get fuel in?10 Points


    8. How much will fuel cost you from Moore to Denver? (Hint, look up average price for a gallon of gas in the United States on a web search. Name the site in which you get this information).30 Points


    9. How much will fuel cost you round trip? (Don't forget to add in fuel that you will be using in Denver, driving from place to place).50 Points


    10. Tell me the name of the hotel that you plan on staying in while in Denver? (Mr. R insists that you stay in a minimum three star hotel)20 Points


    11. How much will your hotel cost per night? (You must list three different web sites that list your hotel and you must list the three prices. Bold print the cheapest price and list the web site that had the listing.40 Points


    12. How much will your total hotel cost be for the five nights? (Do not forget to include tax)40 Points

    13. Where will you be eating at while traveling to Denver? Name the cities and restaurants. How much will this cost? (List the web sites)20 Points


    14. Where will you be eating on the trip home from Denver? Name the cities and the restaurants? How much will this cost? (List the webs sites)20 Points


    15. Where will you be eating at while in Denver? How many meals will you eat per day? Name the restaurants? How much will this cost? (List the web sites)30 Points


    16. How old is Peyton Manning?30 Points


    17. Your Denver Bronco Ticket cost will be$160. The company will give these to you before you depart for Denver. However, you must include this in your total costs.10 Points


    18. How much will parking be for the Bronco game? (List the web site)20 Points


    19. How much will you spend at the concessions? (Try to find this information on the web, if you cannot you may budget $50).10 Points


    20. What other attractions will you do while in the Denver area? (List at least three. You may travel to areas outside of Denver, including Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Vail, or Pikes Peak). How much will each of these activities cost? Remember to add in your fuel costs. (List the web sites that you are using to obtain the information requested?60 Points


    21. List any other expenses that you may incur while on this vacation. (Please note the company will not pay speeding tickets or parking tickets or any other civil penalty or fine).10 Points


    22. Write an essay (minimum five paragraphs) outlining your vacation, explaining what events you will do and the order in which you will do them, and then evaluating the activities from least enjoyable to most enjoyable and explaining why you feel the way that you feel.100 Points


    23. What will the total cost of this trip be?100 Points



    Total Project Points: 800





    What? You want a bonus too? Well the company can provide that for you too but there is a catch. You must create something in paint that represents some aspect of the trip and attach it to your project. Remember, all work must be school appropriate. 50 Points



    This Project is Due Friday, September 20th


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