• One of the main questions I am asked about parent portal is "what does this code mean?", so this page was created to help answer those questions. If you have further questions, please contact me at tamithomason@mooreschools.com




    Your student was absent when the assignment was handed out or turned in, excuse sheet should still be on file.




    Your student did not turn in an assignment on the day it was due.  Your student is required to fill out an excuse sheet and explain why the assignment was not turned in on time.  That reason is entered into the gradebook so you can see exactly why your child did not complete an assignment. Your child has until the next late work deadline to turn this assignment in.  If your child does not complete the assignment before that date, the grade turns to a 0 and the child will not be allowed to make that assignment up.




    Your student did not complete an assignment and did not fill out an excuse sheet.  This assignment turns into a 0.  When I enter an “M” into the gradebook, it automatically calculates the grade as if I’ve entered a 0 to give a more accurate reflection of the grade.  Since your child did not take the time to fill out an excuse sheet, this assignment can not be made up.



    Your student turned in an assignment but the grade has not been entered for that assignment. A “T” in parent portal will not affect your child’s grade.


    Your student is exempt from that assignment. This assignment will not be factored into your child’s grade and will, therefore, have no effect.




    A blank grade could mean a couple things. It could mean I have spoken with you about a grade and we have agreed that your child could make up that grade.  If your child does not make it up, that blank will be corrected with a zero.  A blank grade could also mean that an assignment was collected, but I have not had the opportunity to go through and enter excuse sheets.